The Dallas Cowboys scored a touchdown when entering the red zone on just 25 of their 49 possessions last season.

The New England Patriots, for example, had an NFL-best conversion rate of 70 percent.

One of the issues in the red zone was the Cowboys' inability to run the football.

"We have to run the ball better. That's what we have to do," Jason Garrett said. "We simply have to run it better and we'll run it more. You get favorable coverage mismatches, when you run it well. When we evaluated our team last year, the biggest issue in the red zone was minus plays and penalties. We were digging out of a hole way too much. 

"When you're on your heels because you can't run it, or you have minus plays as the result of penalties, you're playing into their hands because there's not a lot of space to throw it down there."