The New England Patriots have almost exclusively used Tim Tebow as a quarterback during the opening days of training camp.

There has been speculation that Tebow would be used by the Patriots as an H-back or even tight end, but he has only spent time in the quarterback meeting room and wears a red non-contract jersey.

Tebow has participated in an open field running drill, but that is typical of the Patriots.

“He’s just practicing his open-field running,” McDaniels said. “Matt Cassel and (Doug) Flutie and some of those other guys I’ve had a chance to coach, I think we did the same types of things with them. And again we know Tim has a skill set that some of these other guys don’t possess in terms of his ability to run with it, scramble with it when he has it in his hands.

“I know the defensive guys enjoy the challenge of trying to get him to the ground, but I think it’s good for everybody. It’s a normal procedure we go through in training camp.”