Robert Griffin III had just four rushing yards last week against the Eagles, his first game back since suffering a mild sprain of his lateral collateral ligament in his right knee.

Kyle Shanahan didn't take his lack of running as a sign that he was unable to run the ball effectively.

"We ran a bunch of [quarterback] keepers in the game and he still scrambled a few times that I thought he looked good on," said Shanhan. "So I thought he was running all right.”

The Redskins expect Griffin to be able to the ball as needed against the Cowboys.

“We held him back some” against the Eagles, Shanahan said. “But it was more the game plan, from a schematic standpoint. We ran him here and there, not as much… but he got a couple opportunities. I think he gets healthier each week. It’s only natural to get better. We’ll see what happens this week.”