Jerry Jones continues to be the primary decision-maker of the Dallas Cowboys.

That became clear again this week when Jason Garrett and Jones were asked about the role of Felix Jones on successive days.

Garrett said that the play of Felix Jones against the Seahawks will make him reevaluate the situation moving forward, while Jerry Jones said that the role of the kick returner/backup running back would change.

Garrett has talked in the past about the collaboration process with Jones.

"One of the things that I think we do a really good job of in this organization is we discuss things. The Joneses and I discuss a lot of things," Garrett said in reference to Jerry and son Stephen, the team's executive vice president. "Our staff and I discuss a lot of things. We discuss a lot of things with our pro personnel and our college scouting department, so the lines of communication are open.

"There's no thing that's going to be 'my decision,' or, 'his decision,' or 'that guy's decision,' or 'this guy's decision.' When we talk about players playing, (special teams coach) Joe (DeCamillis) has a huge role in who's going to be our returner. Now, is he going to make the decision? No. I'm going to get involved in that discussion. Other people are going to get involved in that discussion. That's just the way it works, and we think that's a good thing."