Jason Garrett has completely remade the Dallas Cowboys' roster over the 22 months he has been head coach.

The Cowboys only have seven of the 24 starters from the final game Wade Phillips coached, not counting the then-injured Tony Romo. Of the starters that are gonge, nine of the 17 are out of the NFL.

In total, 22 of the 53 players (42 percent) remain with the Cowboys from Phillips' team.

The vibe of the team has also changed, with more accountability and attention to deal.

"As a staff we try to lay out the expectations and hold everyone accountable to them. At the end of the day, if that's demanding, well I guess we're demanding," Garrett said. "That's me and that's our entire staff and hopefully that's our players to each other.

"We have standards about how we want to do things. We try to establish them early on, make them abundantly clear to everybody and hold them accountable to them."