With Greg Jennings possibly out for Week 2's game against the Bears and question marks surrounding their traditional running game, the Green Bay Packers plan on using Randall Cobb in the backfield and in motion.

"That package provides some matchup problems," Cobb said. "We don't know if any team is going to have an answer for it."

Cobb played a variety of roles while at Kentucky, even quarterback.

"It comes from being at a smaller school where you have to be - not saying he was the team - but you have to play so many different roles for your team to win," former Kentucky teammate Derrick Locke said. "Now that he's in the NFL, it doesn't stop that. There's not a lot of players who can bring that versatility. He can really do anything. He could probably play defense and cover some wide receivers."

"He's unique. He is. He's unique. And he's a versatile player," receivers coach Edgar Bennett said. "His toughness is another strength and he's a smart player. When you look at some of those attributes that he brings to the table, it certainly helps to have a guy with that versatility that you can move around."