Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have turned the New England Patriots' offense into a juggernaut again, utilizing Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez to maximum advantage.

"I think with our tight ends, who have really taken on an extensive role in our offense -- and have done a great job of that -- maybe you get some matchup issues. Coach Belichick always sees things as a defensive coach and 'How are we going to defend these guys?'; that's his background. Tight ends line up, really, on the inside part of the formation, so really, they can go anywhere on the field -- across the field, to the sideline, short, medium, deep; they can do it all. When you have tight ends that can do those things, as well as run block, there is quite a bit of versatility within your offense. Last weekend, we tried to be very balanced in what we did between the run game and the pass game, [and] different areas of the field that we were trying to exploit. I think that's what we're trying to accomplish every week."