It has been speculated that Drew Brees could be in for a 44% raise in 2013 under the collective bargaining agreement if the Saints use their franchise tag on him again. However, the quarterback could use a much more potent tactic if he's willing to walk away with $16.371 million next season. Article 10, Section 15(c) of the labor deal explains that, if Brees doesn't play in 2012, he can be tendered as a franchise player once again in 2013. However, if Brees hold out for all of 2012, the Saints would be prevented from using the exclusive version of the franchise tag on Brees in 2013. While the Saints would have the right to match any offer sheet Brees signs elsewhere in 2013, a new team could put together a monstrous offer - and then the Saints would have to decide whether to finally pay Brees or let him walk away.