With Cam Newton under center, the Panthers used a trick play from a popular kids movie to score a touchdown against the Texans. Carolina offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski borrowed a hidden-ball trick play loosely adapted from a play called "the annexation of Puerto Rico" from the 1994 movie the Little Giants to help his team beat the Texans 28-13. The play resulted in a seven-yard touchdown run by fullback Richie Brockel. "Cam's ability to run and throw, it just adds another dimension," coach Ron Rivera said. "It has been kind of neat to see the different things we've been able to do with him over the course of the season and show he's an integral part of what we are and what we're going to become." The Panthers ran the play in the second quarter of Sunday's game against Texans while leading 14-0 and faced with a second-and-6 at the Texans 7-yard line.