With a game scheduled against the Steelers on Monday night, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has spoken to Ravens head man John Harbaugh about his opposition. "We talked about (the Steelers)," Jim Harbaugh said of a conversation between the brothers this week. "We talked about last week's game, talked about this week's game as we often do." Since John Harbaugh became Ravens coach in 2008, he has faced the Steelers 10 times, including the playoffs. San Francisco could help Baltimore with a win. The Ravens and Steelers are both 10-3 atop the AFC North. John Harbaugh checked with a Ravens official before talking to his brother about the Steelers, just to make sure it is allowed. But such information sharing likely is common in the NFL, considering how many coaches have worked together. "Guys have tried it in the past, help each other out," said Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. "(John Harbaugh) might have what he thinks are tendencies in certain areas, probably more knowledge of the personnel than the schemes." Arians paused and grinned. "I'll tell (Jim Harbaugh) Mike Wallace is fast," Arians said.