Eagles wide receiver, DeSean Jackson, a pending free agent, is beginning to scare off his potential suitors. Jackson's immense talent is obvious, but five team personnel executives interviewed by Yahoo! Sports said they had no interest in pursuing the young receiver. Two opinions were strengthened following Jackson's alarming display Thursday night in which he essentially quit on the Eagles. "If that was my kid out there, I would have gotten out of the stands, gone on the field and pulled him off myself and said, 'You obviously don't want to be here, so stop hurting your team,'" said an NFL team executive. "I'm serious, it was embarrassing. I know that [Philadelphia coach] Andy [Reid] is protecting him and saying all that stuff [the] NFL Network showed was wrong, but I don't get it." The five executives, who come from four teams, asked not to be identified because talking openly about Jackson and his pending free agency violate league tampering rules. "There are a couple of scenarios in which you sign him," a second NFC team executive said. "You either have a renegade coach who says, 'I can handle him.' Or you're a team that feels you're really close to winning a championship ,that you're only a player or two away. Actually, it's probably both. You have to go in knowing that you're probably going to have to get rid of him in two or three years."