Justin Tryon, released by the Colts on Wednesday, suggests that head coach Jim Caldwell isn't making all the decisions when it comes to who plays and who doesn't. "Caldwell wanted to start me but it wasn't up to him!" Tryon tweeted. Another post later said: "IM BLESSED!! lay off of Caldwell he's a great coach! Peace." Caldwell denied the cornerback's comments on Thursday. "Well, probably without being boastful or seeming as if that Im reacting to that particular statement, but I can just tell you that if I wanted him to start, he would have started," Caldwell said. "If I wanted him to be here, hed still be here, plain and simple. Im not going to carry on a back-and-forth, you know, because the young man did a good job for us while he was here and I hope hes able to land with someone else. "You always say there's always sort of a three-pronged sort of a decision-making progress. All of us have an opportunity to talk about different issues, and we can certainly express our opinion. But in players and dealing with players on the field and that sort of thing, that's my decision. I get the ultimate decision there in that regard. That's the way it's always been."