As Alabama running back Mark Ingram waited to be drafted in the green room on Thursday night, he was supported by a handful of his former teammates. Ingram, the 2009 Heisman winner, wasn't drafted until the 28th pick when the Saints worked a deal with the Patriots. "It meant the world to me," Ingram said of his teammate's support. Julio Jones, who was drafted fifth overall by the Falcons (who traded up for him), waited hours alongside Ingram. "Julio waited 22 picks for me to go," Ingram said. "He and coach [Nick] Saban and the others supported me, they were encouraging me the whole time, telling me to keep my head up and that everything was going to work out. "I've got to thank them so much. It just shows how close the Alabama family is that they would stay there for me. It was just amazing that they rallied behind me and just stayed with me until I got picked."