Eric Mangini may be in his final days with the Browns, but his players hope president Mike Holmgren decides to retain the coach. "I have the utmost respect for him," cornerback Sheldon Brown said. "I can't say anything negative about him. You may find someone else, but I can't. He's treated me like a man from day one." "I love Mangini," fullback Lawrence Vickers said. "He's a good guy, so I want him back. If not, I can't do nothing about it. Like he tells us, life goes on." Holmgren hasn't spoken to the media since Nov. 2, when he said he would wait until after the season before making any decision on Mangini. "He has all the intangibles," Brown added. "He learned from one of the best [Bill Belichick]. Obviously he knows the plan. For us, it's just going out and executing the plan. It's not his fault when we give up touchdown passes. It's not his fault when we throw interceptions. It's not his fault when we fumble. The players control that."