Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson went off following Monday night's loss to the 49ers. Taking exception to repeated questions about why he was laughing on the sideline late in a blowout loss to San Francisco, Anderson went on a profanity-laced tirade before abruptly walking out. "You think I was laughing about something?" Anderson said. "I take this serious! Real serious! I put my heart and soul into this every single week!" Late in the loss to the 49ers, television cameras showed Anderson sharing a laugh with guard Deuce Lutui on the sideline. When initially asked about the exchange after the game, Anderson quietly said Lutui had told him something to keep them positive. Anderson calmly answered another question about a different topic, then started to lose his temper as the reporter came back to the shared laugh. "I'm telling you right now what I do every single week! Every single week I put my heart and soul into this!" Anderson yelled. "I don't go out there and laugh. It's not funny. Nothing's funny to me. I don't want go out there and get embarrassed on Monday Night Football in front of everybody."