Patriots owner Robert Kraft says that the team never had a deal in place with offensive lineman Logan Mankins. It was reported on Sunday that Mankins and his agent Frank Bauer arrived in Foxborough about two weeks ago with both sides intending and believing they would be able to hammer out a long-term deal worth around $56.7 million over seven years. Those talks fell apart when Mankins refused to make a public apology regarding critical comments he had made in the press about Kraft, according to sources. "We have never had a deal with Logan," Kraft said on Boston radio station WEEI. "We don't discuss the details, and I am doing this only because this is the beginning of the season. We have a lot of reasons to be elated. We do business in over 80 countries in the world. When we make a commitment or we do a deal, we have the same people we're doing business, it's word of mouth and we live up to our commitments. We've never had a deal here."