Falcons running back Michael Turner has blamed himself for the down season he endured in 2009 after having a breakout year in 2008. "We made the playoffs and then I played in the Pro Bowl and all that was cool," Turner said. "Then I got home and I was just beat up. I needed to just rest, and I just went into a cave and didn't come out." Turner gained 1,699 yards and scored 17 touchdowns in the 2008 after being traded from San Diego. "I thought I'd just rest, but I was off too long, I got sloppy with my eating, the whole thing," he said. "By the time I got to training camp, I wasn't in good shape at all. It wasn't so much the weight, but my body fat was up. All of camp, I'm trying to catch up. I'm trying to get in football shape while I'm trying to lose weight, and I was just never right." Turner missed five games and rushed for just 871 yards after his tremendous 2008 campaign.