Warren Sapp was asked about the Albert Haynesworth saga in Washington this weekend and was predictably candid. "Let's stop the BS, like we like to say," Sapp told Vic Carucci and Howard Balzer on SiRIUS NFL Radio. "I mean, c'mon, son. You sat at the table. The people told you they had a very lovely check for you....Albert Haynesworth, you took the check, now show up to the job, son. It's that simple. You take that kind of check. I mean, I'll flip dogs for you. I mean, c'mon, what you want me to do, you want me to return punts? I mean, what? C'mon. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it." One of the hosts pointed out that Haynesworth even had issues with Greg Blache last year, when the Redskins were running a 4-3. "How about he had issues with showing up for the Cowboy game and the Eagle game," Sapp countered. "I mean, if a body part's not missing, you're showing up for division games. Are you kidding me?"