The Browns might be looking to use Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace at quarterback this season in hopes of using their contrasting styles. "I don't think you could rule out the possibility of having them both play," Browns coach Eric Mangini said recently. "I think Seneca has had a really nice camp. It's a different style than Jake's, which is good because it puts some different pressures on the defense. Seneca gives you some flexibility to do some things, just like Jake has certain things that he does. "If you can incorporate them both in a plan that makes sense, that works, then that could be a good thing. Then you have a guy like Josh Cribbs, he presents different problems. Now you put Josh Cribbs and Seneca in the game together, they can present different problems." Delhomme is a pocket passer, while Wallace relies more on his agility.