With Charlie Weis' days in Notre Dame over and a new chapter beginning in Kansas City, Todd Haley doesn't believe his new offensive coordinator has lost any of his old confidence. ?I think that Charlie overall is no different than Matt (Cassel),? Haley compared. ?He looked adversity in the face here over the last few years and Charlie is real tough mentally. He?s not going to be affected too much by that. His confidence is still there exactly the way that I remember it. He is excited to be a part of the Kansas City Chiefs. ?I think he just wants to be a part of something special,? Haley continued. ?I think that with Charlie in the mix and what we?re going to get done here in the offseason?this team was getting better and was going to get better if we stayed status-quo, but we made some real positive additions. We?re going to add players to the mix and with the nucleus that we?ve found of players through this difficult year we?ll have a chance to show marked improvement.?