Browns president Mike Holmgren says that he hasn't yet decided what to do with head coach Eric Mangini. "I haven't made a decision on Eric," Holmgren said during a conference call on Monday. "I met with Eric when I was there and have talked to him on the phone a couple of times about football issues. It'd be really unfair [to decide right now]. He's finishing his first season and the team is doing well. They're clearly responding to him. "I'm arriving back there on Monday. Eric and I will meet next week, and then we'll come to some sort of decision." Mangini has helped lead Cleveland to a three-game winning streak. "What the team has done in the last three weeks is a credit to Eric, his coaching staff and the players, because when you know you're not going to be in the playoffs, it's how do the players and coaches respond? That part of it has been really good and I'm very happy for those guys," he said. "[But] any decision I make will not be based on three games or two games or one game. It's a total body of work," Holmgren said. "I've got to see progress. I've got to see things are going in the right direction."