Michael Irvin is among those that believe Brett Favre should remain retired. "Listen, Favre's 100 years old; stop this already," said Irvin. "This is what's killing everybody. Every time Favre says, 'I want to come back,' it's like everybody on ESPN says, 'Whatever team he says he wants to come to, he makes them automatically a Super Bowl contender.' "They said that same stuff last year with the Jets, and Favre gave out toward the end of the season. "I love Favre and I think he's been a phenomenal talent for a long time. But when I think about it now, I say, 'Stop it already.' I don't mind that you still want to play football, but do you want to play so much, and you want to get back at [Green Bay General Manager] Ted Thompson so much, that you're willing to go back into Lambeau and hurt those fans that supported you for so long?"