Ty Law's seventh interception of the season was one of the sweetest of his 11-year career. Law, let go by the Patriots after a serious foot injury in 2004, intercepted a pass from former teammate Tom Brady and returned it 74 yards for a touchdown last night as the Jets tied the score at 7 in the first quarter. It was a crowning achievement for Law in an otherwise fruitless season with his new team. He jumped a square-out route by David Givens and timed his arrival perfectly, darting down the Jets' sideline for the longest interception return of his career. Talk about an in-your-face moment. Law never spoke badly of the Patriots, but he's such a competitor that a part of him wanted to prove to the team he helped win three Super Bowl championships that he's still on top of his game. And it came on national TV, no less, in the final Monday night game televised by ABC. Announcers Al Michaels and John Madden pointed out that Law said in their production meetings that he thinks there's a chance he could wind up back with New England. With an $11-million bonus due from the Jets in March, Law is likely to be one-and-done in New York.