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NFL Source: Chargers' Relocation To L.A. Wasn't Rational

Nov 21, 2019 11:31 AM

Dean Spanos and the Chargers lost out on his plan to build a stadium in Carson, California as Jerry Jones helped facilitate a more ambitious project in Inglewood led by Stan Kroenke and the Rams.

After losing to Kroenke, Spanos blew $15 million on a long-shot ballot initiative for a new stadium in San Diego, which destroy any remaining goodwill with the fanbase.

Many owners believed the NFL's $550 million relocation fee Spanos would need to move to Los Angeles would have been better invested as part of a new stadium in San Diego.

"It wasn't rational," a high-level league source said of the Chargers' decision.

Spanos, however, had grown frustrated by his attempts to build a new stadium in San Diego. Spanos saw the move to Los Angeles as Kroenke's tenant as "a favorable, low-risk deal," according to one of his confidants. 

Seth Wickersham, Don Van Natta Jr./ESPN

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Rams, Chargers Had Fewer L.A. Fans Than Several Teams Before Move

Nov 21, 2019 11:21 AM

Research conducted by the NFL indicated the Rams and Chargers had fewer fans in Los Angeles than the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders before they relocated.

The Rams left Anaheim for St. Louis in 1994, while the Chargers only played briefly in Los Angeles before moving to San Diego.

The Chargers typically play their home games in front of more fans of the opposing team, while the Rams also have a tepid home field advantage.

Seth Wickersham, Don Van Natta Jr./ESPN

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Chargers Deny Having Interest In London Relocation

Nov 5, 2019 8:00 PM

The Los Angeles Chargers have refuted a report his franchise has interest in relocating to London.

"It's total f---ing bulls---," Dean Spanos said. "We're not going to London. We're not going anywhere. We're playing in Los Angeles. This is our home, and this is where we are planning to be for a long f---ing time. Period."

Vincent Bonsignore of The Athletic reported on Monday the possibility of the Chargers moving to London. The Chargers reportedly would listen if the NFL approached them about London and the other owners are concerned about their situation in Los Angeles.

“Some would be happy …” a high-ranking NFL official told The Athletic. “But all of them (are concerned) about them in L.A. So I think they would get (support).”

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