August 2012 - Dallas Cowboys Wiretap

Adrian Hamilton Cut By Cowboys, Could Quickly End Up Elsewhere

Aug 31, 2012 9:13 PM

The Dallas Cowboys cut Adrian Hamilton on Friday.

Hamilton, who went undrafted out of Prairie View A&M, exhibited good ability in rushing the quarterback. But the Cowboys parted ways with Hamilton due to his inability to contribute on special teams.

Hamilton was impressive enough in getting to the quarterback, however, that he could end up quickly on another team's roster.

Dan Graziano/ESPN

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Patriots, Packers, Giants, Steelers Have Been NFL's Smartest Spenders

Aug 31, 2012 9:10 PM

The New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints have been the smartest spenders in the NFL over the past five seasons, according to a study by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg calculates how much teams spent per win and added bonuses for playoffs wins and championships.

1. New England Patriots
2. Green Bay Packers
3. New York Giants
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5. New Orleans Saints
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. Indianapolis Colts
8. San Diego Chargers
9. Atlanta Falcons
10. Philadelphia Eagles
11. Arizona Cardinals
12. Tennessee Titans 
13. New York Jets
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
16. Chicago Bears
17. Jacksonville Jaguars
18. San Francisco 49ers
19. Houston Texans
20. Minnesota Vikings
21. Denver Broncos
22. Cincinnati Bengals
23. Seattle Seahawks
24. Carolina Panthers
25. Kansas City Chiefs
26. Miami Dolphins
27. Buffalo Bills
28. Cleveland Browns
29. Washington Redskins
30. Oakland Raiders
31. Detroit Lions
32. St. Louis Rams 


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DeMarcus Ware Considered Retirement After 2009 Injury

Aug 31, 2012 4:18 PM

DeMarcus Ware strongly considered retirement in 2009 when he had a serious neck injury.

Ware is considered one of the NFL's two or three best defensive players, being voted to six Pro Bowls since he was the 11th overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2005 Draft.

"You never think that you'll be the guy who's on the stretcher," said Ware. "It's usually a special teams guy, because they have those big impact hits. But the guys on offense and defense, we don't have enough speed built up to have that impact. When I went down, everything just stopped. I thought, "Why am I here?" I actually thought that my body was moving. I thought I was moving my arms, I thought I was moving my legs. But I wasn't. I couldn't move. Mentally, I was moving. But physically, I wasn't. I'm sitting there, just thinking. I was thinking, "I'm that guy." Everyone was watching me, just lying there, unable to do anything. I felt embarrassed, actually. They strapped me up, and I wasn't able to move my neck or arms or legs, but I said, "I'm alright. I'm alright." Then it finally hit me when they took my facemask off. When they took that facemask off, they took something out of me."

Ware considered walking away from the game, but not due to the physical pain.

"No, because I was scared. I was so scared. I started thinking about my family. I thought, "I might have to give football up." I really thought I might have to retire, because I just couldn't imagine going through something so traumatic again."

Peter Schrager/GQ

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Cowboys Want To See Better Production From Orlando Scandrick

Aug 31, 2012 10:16 AM

Orlando Scandrick was signed in 2011 by the Dallas Cowboys on a five-year, $27 million contract extension.

But Scandrick has become the forgotten cornerback as the Cowboys signed Brandon Carr to a five-year, $50.1 million deal and the moved up to draft Morris Claiborne sixth overall.

Scandrick was a sixth round pick and therefore on a cheap salary during his initial few years.

"If you don't think that they got their money's worth. I mean, hey," said Scandrick. "It would have been hard to imagine if I would have walked out the door in March who would have been playing right now. Who would have been playing right now?"

Opponents completed 68.5 percent of their passes and averaged 9.3 yards per attempt when targeting Scandrick, according to STATS, Inc.

Mike Jenkins is the wild card at cornerback for the Cowboys as he returns from offseason shoulder surgery. Jenkins was a first round pick by Dallas in 2008.

Tim McMahon/ESPN

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Cowboys Acquire Ryan Cook From Dolphins

Aug 31, 2012 9:07 AM

The Dallas Cowboys have acquired offensive lineman Ryan Cook from the Miami Dolphins, according to a source.

The Dolphins will receive a seventh round pick from Dallas.

Ian Rapoport/

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Ranking The NFL's Oldest, Youngest Starters By Team

Aug 30, 2012 1:47 PM

The Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers and Baltimore Ravens have the three oldest collections of starters in the NFL. 

The Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and Cincinnati Bengals are the youngest.

Former Vikings head coach Bud Grant had a popular saying that "for every young guy you start, you lose a game."

Pete Carroll worked for Grant early in his coaching career, but has had one of the youngest teams in the NFL during his tenure with the Seahawks.

"I was of that mindset in classic fashion until I had to be in charge of calling all the shots and then it just flipped in me that we don't know where we're going unless we find these guys out," Carroll said. "One of the really exciting things about playing guys early is ... by the middle and to the end of the season, you’ve developed players that fit into your rotations now that add to your depth and also add to the opportunity to not over-play your older guys." 

Below is a full list with the rank in offense/defense in parenthesis.

1. Atlanta Falcons (2/5)
2. San Diego Chargers (7/3)
3. Baltimore Ravens (1/15)
4. Chicago Bears (11/4)
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (25/1)
6. New York Jets (23/2)
7. New York Giants (9/2)
8. Detroit Lions (3/20)
9. New Orleans Saints (6/13)
10. San Francisco 49ers (8/8)
11. Denver Broncos (14/7)
12. Houston Texans (4/23)
13. Oakland Raiders (13/11)
14. Buffalo Bills (12/17)
15. Arizona Cardinals (16/14)
16. Washington Redskins (21/9)
17. Dallas Cowboys (18/16)
18. New England Patriots (5/28)
19. Green Bay Packers (17/21)
20. Jacksonville Jaguars (24/19)
21. Miami Dolphins (26/18)
22. Carolina Panthers (15/26)
23. Indianapolis Colts (28/10)
24. Philadelphia Eagles (19/25)
25. Tennessee Titans (10/31)
26. Minnesota Vikings (30/12)
27. St. Louis Rams (22/27)
28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20/30)
29. Cleveland Browns (31/24)
30. Cincinnati Bengals (32/22)
31. Seattle Seahawks (29/29)
32. Kansas City Chiefs (27/32) 

Mike Sando/ESPN

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Jones Denies Cowboys Have Created Rules For Bryant

Aug 28, 2012 12:22 PM

Jerry Jones is denying that the Cowboys have created a set of rules for Dez Bryant to follow off the field.

"I'm not so sure where the media has come up with detail of this nature," Jones said on KRLD-FM, 105.3 The Fan. "Fundamentally, Dez does -- and I'm convinced -- want to do many things that give him the opportunity to get on track the way he needs to, both on and off the field.

"I think any of this talk or any of these references to what he's going to be doing or what he is not going to be doing, in general, it's one that would say just let's conform to good behavior, the kind of behavior that the commissioner expects, that society expects and that anybody expects if you're going to get the opportunities you are. He does believe he has a great opportunity."

It has been reported that Bryant is not allowed to drink, has a midnight curfew, can't visit strip clubs, must attend counseling, must be driven to and from practice and must have a security escort.


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Cowboys Hoping Rules Make Bryant More Accountable

Aug 27, 2012 2:53 PM

The Cowboys have given Dez Bryant a set of rules off the field in order to establish some accountability.

Bryant agreed to a set of strict guidelines that have nothing to do with football. Bryant has a midnight curfew, he cannot drink alcohol or visit strip clubs and must have a security team with him when he travels.

"Like we've talked before, we want to support Dez Bryant and we want to support Dez Bryant's family and do anything that we can as an organization using our players assistance, players development program to help him, just like we would with any player," coach Jason Garrett said.

"The balance with all is you want to support them and you want to help them but you also want to hold them accountable. We feel like we do that throughout our organization, with all our guys. We believe in player development and we believe in helping them as football players on the field and as people off the field. What we've tried to do is come up with a plan for Dez, like we would for any player who we feel like needs our support and help him be his best as a player and as a person. And the accountability factor is an important part of that with him and with anybody on our football team."

Calvin Watkins/ESPN

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Dez Bryant Paying For Rule Enforcing Security Detail

Aug 27, 2012 1:57 PM

Dez Bryant will be paying for the 24-hour security crew that will impose rules from the Cowboys upon him, according to a source.

The Cowboys are enforcing upon Bryant a midnight curfew, no consumption of alcohol, no attending strip clubs and counseling twice a week.

The rules took effect on August 23rd.

Mike Florio/Pro Football Talk

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Cowboys Set Strict Guidelines For Dez Bryant

Aug 26, 2012 9:33 AM

The Cowboys have issued strict guidelines for Dez Bryant regarding his conduct away from the field.

The guidelines Bryant agreed to took effect Aug. 23 when the team returned to Dallas after three weeks of training camp in California.

Here are some of the rules Bryant must follow:

  • A midnight curfew.
  • No drinking alcohol.
  • No attending strip clubs and only select nightclubs.
  • He must attend counseling sessions twice a week.

Calvin Watkins/ESPN

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Bears, Packers, Steelers, Raiders Rated As Having Best Uniforms
The Packers, Steelers, Raiders and Eagles round out the top-five behind the Bears.

Paul Lukas/ESPN

Witten Won't Need Surgery On Spleen
Surgery on Jason Witten's spleen would have ended his season.

Adam Schefter/ESPN

Jones Doesn't Believe Basketball Contributed To Dez Bryant's Injury
Dez Bryant has been diagnosed with jumper's knee.

Joe Machota/Dallas Morning News

Ware Leads Nine Cowboys On ESPN's Top-200
The Cowboys have nine players in ESPN's Top-100, led by DeMarcus Ware at No. 6 overall.

Matt Williamson/ESPN

Rosenhaus Offered Dez Bryant Cash Prior To 2010 Draft
Drew Rosenhaus has been accused of offering a prohibited cash payment and trip to Miami in an attempt to sign Dez Bryant.

Jason Cole, Rand Getlin/Yahoo! Sports

Dez Bryant MRI Reveals No Major Damage To Left Knee
Dez Bryant injured his knee during the Cowboys' practice on Monday against the Chargers, slipping when coming out of a break.

Rowan Kavner/

Witten Has Lacerated Spleen
Jason Witten suffered a slightly lacerated spleen on Monday night and the tight end may not be ready to play for the Cowboys by Week 1.

Ed Werder/

Cowboys Opt Not To Sign Jamaal Jackson
The Cowboys have seen their centers suffer a rash of injuries, but they will not sign veteran Jamaal Jackson.

Dallas Morning News

Claiborne Fine With Criticism From Executive
Morris Claiborne has no issues with comments made by Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones about the rookie needing to play through injuries.

Source: Plaxico Burress Visiting Patriots
Plaxico Burress is traveling to New England on Sunday to meet and work out for the Patriots.

Cowboys Looking At Centers, Will Consider Adding One
The Cowboys are dealing with injuries to all three of their centers.

Tim McMahon/

Cowboys Haven't 'Internally' Discussed Signing Burress
Stephen Jones hasn't dismissed the possibility of signing Plaxico Burress, but the Cowboys vice president might want to check with his father.

Dallas Morning News

Murray Drawing Comparisons To Legendary Cowboys' Backs
DeMarco Murray ran 164 times for 897 yards and two touchdowns in 13 games (seven starts) in 2011.

Gregg Rosenthal/

Felix Jones Embracing Contract Year Challenge
Felix Jones is in the final season of the rookie contract he signed after the Cowboys took him in the first round in 2008.

Brandon George/Dallas Morning News

Ware: Romo In Elite QB Class, Needs Help From Teammates
DeMarcus Ware is putting the pressure on his teammates to prove that Tony Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Tim McMahon/ESPN

Miles Austin To Miss At Least Week
The Cowboys plan to hold Miles Austin out of practice for at least a week because of a strained hamstring.

Todd Archer/

Claiborne Has No Major Damage On Right Knee
Morris Claiborne's MRI on his right knee revealed no major damage.

Calvin Watkins/ESPN

Sources: Dez Bryant Changes Agents
Dez Bryant has changed agents from Drew Rosenhaus to Eugene Parker, according to multiple sources.

Calvin Watkins/ESPN

Witten Doesn't Want Title Opportunity To Slip Away
Jason Witten is entering his 10th NFL season.

Dallas Morning News

Jerry Jones Threatens To Part Ways With Dez Bryant
Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant met for the first time on Tuesday since a recent assault charge involving the receiver's mother.

Brian McIntyre/