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Christopher Reina. 15th April, 2009 - 7:46 pm

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Number of drafted Pro Bowlers: 12

(Marked by * below)

Tom Heckert is the GM of the Eagles, but ultimately answers to Andy Reid, who has had a remarkable longevity in the very difficult town of Philadelphia.

Various Notes
- The Eagles had a few quiet drafts, but have found Stewart Bradley and DeSean Jackson in the last two drafts.

- Corey Simon and Michael Lewis contributed immediately, but burned out and were out of Philadelphia quickly.

- Before the Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb in 1999, they had Tra Thomas lined up at left tackle from the 1998 draft.

- For as much as Donovan uses multiple receivers, the Eagles haven't been aggressive enough in bringing in some late round fliers.

Trevor Laws, DT (2nd, 47th)
DeSean Jackson, WR (2nd, 49th)
Bryan Smith, LB (3rd, 80th)
Mike McGlynn, T (4th, 109th)
Quintin Demps, DB (4th, 117th)
Jack Ikegwuonu, DB (4th, 131st)
Mike Gibson, T (6th, 184th)
Joe Mays, LB (6th, 200th)
Andy Studebaker, LB (6th, 203rd)
King Dunlap, T (7th, 230th)
Kevin Kolb, QB (2nd, 36th)
Victor Abiamiri, DE (2nd, 57th)
Stewart Bradley, LB (3rd, 87th)
Tony Hunt, RB (3rd, 90th)
C.J. Gaddis, DB (5th, 159th)
Brent Celek, TE (5th, 162nd)
Rashad Barksdale, DB (6th, 201st)
Nate Ilaoa, RB (7th, 236th)
Brodrick Bunkley, DT (1st, 14th)
Winston Justice, T (2nd, 39th)
Chris Gocong, DE (3rd, 71st)
Max Jean-Gilles, G (4th, 99th)
Jason Avant, WR (4th, 109th)
Jeremy Bloom, DB (5th, 147th)
Omar Gaither, LB (5th, 168th)
LaJuan Ramsey, DT (6th, 204th)
Mike Patterson, DT (1st, 31st)
Reggie Brown, WR (2nd, 35th)
Matt McCoy, LB (2nd, 63rd)
Ryan Moats, RB (3rd, 77th)
Sean Considine, DB (4th, 102nd)
Todd Herremans, T (4th, 126th)
*Trent Cole, DE (5th, 146th)
Scott Young, G (5th, 172nd)
Calvin Armstrong, T (6th, 211th)
Keyonta Marshall, DT (7th, 247th)
David Bergeron, LB (7th, 252nd)
*Shawn Andrews, G (1st, 16th)
Matt Ware, DB (3rd, 89th)
J.R. Reed, DB (4th, 129th)
Trey Darilek, G (4th, 131st)
Thomas Tapeh, FB (5th, 162nd)
Andy Hall, QB (6th, 185th)
Dexter Wynn, DB (6th, 192nd)
Adrien Clarke, G (7th, 227th)
Bruce Perry, RB (7th, 242nd)
Dominic Furio, C (7th, 243rd)
Jerome McDougle, DE (1st, 15th)
L.J. Smith, TE (2nd, 61st)
Billy McMullen, WR (3rd, 95th)
Jamaal Green, DE (4th, 131st)
Jeremy Bridges, G (6th, 185th)
Norman LeJeune, DB (7th, 244th)
*Lito Sheppard, DB (1st, 26th)
*Michael Lewis, DB (2nd, 58th)
Sheldon Brown, DB (2nd, 59th)
*Brian Westbrook, RB (3rd, 91st)
Scott Peters, C (4th, 124th)
Freddie Milons, WR (5th, 162nd)
Tyreo Harrison, LB (6th, 198th)
Raheem Brock, DE (7th, 238th)
Freddie Mitchell, WR (1st, 25th)
Quinton Caver, LB (2nd, 55th)
*Derrick Burgess, DE (3rd, 63rd)
Correll Buckhalter, RB (4th, 121st)
Tony Stewart, TE (5th, 147th)
A.J. Feeley, QB (5th, 155th)
*Corey Simon, DT (1st, 6th)
Todd Pinkston, WR (2nd, 36th)
Bobbie Williams, G (2nd, 61st)
Gari Scott, WR (4th, 99th)
Thomas Hamner, RB (6th, 171st)
John Frank, DE (6th, 178th)
John Romero, C (6th, 192nd)
*Donovan McNabb, QB (1st, 2nd)
Barry Gardner, LB (2nd, 35th)
Doug Brzezinski, G (3rd, 64th)
John Welbourn, G (4th, 97th)
Damon Moore, DB (4th, 128th)
Na Brown, WR (4th, 130th)
Cecil Martin, FB (6th, 172nd)
Troy Smith, WR (6th, 201st)
Jed Weaver, TE (7th, 208th)
Pernell Davis, DT (7th, 251st)
*Tra Thomas, T (1st, 11th)
*Jeremiah Trotter, LB (3rd, 72nd)
*Allen Rossum, DB (3rd, 85th)
Brandon Whiting, DE (4th, 112th)
Clarence Love, DB (4th, 116th)
*Ike Reese, LB (5th, 142nd)
Chris Akins, DT (7th, 220th)
Melvin Thomas, G (7th, 240th)
Jon Harris, DE (1st, 25th)
James Darling, LB (2nd, 57th)
Duce Staley, RB (3rd, 71st)
Damien Robinson, DB (4th, 119th)
N.D. Kalu, DE (5th, 152nd)
Luther Broughton, TE (5th, 155th)
Antwuan Wyatt, WR (6th, 190th)
Ed Jasper, DT (6th, 198th)
Koy Detmer, QB (7th, 207th)
Byron Capers, DB (7th, 225th)
DeAuntae Brown, DB (7th, 227th)