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Christopher Reina. 9th April, 2009 - 7:13 pm

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Number of drafted Pro Bowlers: 7

(Marked by * below)

John Fox and Marty Hurney have quietly built one of the most well-balanced, albeit unflashy, teams in the NFC. They have done this by having an excellent success rate with their first round selections, while also picking up great role players later in the draft and the occasional third round superstar like Steve Smith.

Various Notes

- With Jordan Gross and Jeff Otah, the Carolina fortified the offensive tackle position with first rounders.

- The number seven just as well be eight since DeAngelo Williams was an All-Pro, but somehow wasn't voted to the Pro Bowl in 2008.

- The drafting of Jonathan Stewart, their second time selecting a running back with a first round pick in three seasons, was taken as an indictment at the time against Williams, but proved to be an effective strategy as more teams go with a two-back system.

- Carolina also drafted DeShaun Foster with a second round pick in 2002 and Eric Shelton in 2005 with a second rounder, which an unusual propensity for a team to so frequently target that position.

- The Panthers were 3-for-3 with their first three picks until selecting quarterback Chris Weinke in the fourth round.

Jonathan Stewart, RB (1st, 13th)
Jeff Otah, T (1st, 19th)
Charles Godfrey, DB (3rd, 67th)
Dan Connor, LB (3rd, 74th)
Gary Barnidge, TE (5th, 141st)
Nick Hayden, DT (6th, 181st)
Hilee Taylor, LB (7th, 221st)
Geoff Schwartz, T (7th, 241st)
Mackenzy Bernadeau, G (7th, 250th)

*Jon Beason, LB (1st, 25th)
Dwayne Jarrett, WR (2nd, 45th)
Ryan Kalil, C (2nd, 59th)
Charles Johnson, DE (3rd, 89th)
Ryne Robinson, WR (4th, 118th)
Dante Rosario, TE (5th, 155th)
Tim Shaw, LB (5th, 164th)
C.J. Wilson, DB (7th. 226th)

DeAngelo Williams, RB (1st, 27th)
Richard Marshall, DB (2nd, 58th)
James Anderson, LB (3rd, 88th)
Rashad Butler, T (3rd, 89th)
Nate Salley, DB (4th, 121st)
Jeff King, TE (5th, 155th)
Will Montgomery, G (7th, 234th)
Stanley McClover, DE (7th, 237th)

Thomas Davis, LB (1st, 14th)
Eric Shelton, RB (2nd, 54th)
Evan Mathis, G (3rd, 79th)
Atiyyah Ellison, DT (3rd, 89th)
Stefan Lefors, QB (4th, 121st)
Adam Seward, LB (5th, 149th)
Geoff Hangartner, C (5th, 169th)
Ben Emanuel, DB (5th, 171st)
Jovan Haye, DE (6th, 189th)
Joe Berger, T (6th, 207th)

Chris Gamble, DB (1st, 28th)
Keary Colbert, WR (2, 62nd)
Trabelle Wharton, T (3rd, 94th)
Drew Carter, WR (5th, 163rd)
Sean Tufts, LB (6th, 196th)
Michael Gaines, TE (7th, 232nd)

*Jordan Gross, T (1st, 8th)
Bruce Nelson, G (2nd, 50th)
Mike Seidman, TE (3rd, 76th)
Ricky Manning Jr., DB (3rd, 82nd)
Colin Branch, DB (4th, 119th)
Kindal Moorehead, DT (5th, 145th)
Walter Young, WR (7th, 226th)
Casey Moore, RB (7th, 247th)

*Julius Peppers, DE (1st, 2nd)
DeShaun Foster, RB (2nd, 34th)
Will Witherspoon, LB (3rd, 73rd)
Dante Wesley, DB (4th, 100th)
Randy Fasani, QB (5th, 137th)
Kyle Johnson, RB (5th, 145th)
Keith Heinrich, TE (6th, 174th)
Pete Campion, G (7th, 213th)
Brad Franklin, DB (7th, 258th)

*Dan Morgan, LB (1st, 11th)
*Kris Jenkins, DT (2nd, 44th)
*Steve Smith, WR (3rd, 74th)
Chris Weinke, QB (4th, 106th)
Jarrod Cooper, DB (5th, 143rd)
Dee Brown, RB (6th, 175th)
Louis Williams, C (7th, 211th)
Mike Roberg, TE (7th, 227th)

Rashard Anderson, DB (1st, 23rd)
Deon Grant, DB (2nd, 57th)
Leander Jordan, T (3rd, 82nd)
Alvin McKinley, DE (4th, 120th)
Gillis Wilson, DE (5th, 147th)
Jeno James, G (6th, 182nd)
Lester Towns, LB (7th, 221st)

Chris Terry, T (2nd, 34th)
*Mike Rucker, DE (2nd, 38th)
Hannibal Navies, LB (4th, 100th)
Robert Daniel, DE (6th, 175th)
Tony Booth, DB (7th, 211th)

Jason Peter, DE (1st, 14th)
Chuck Wiley, DE (3rd, 62nd)
Mitch Marrow, DE (3rd, 73rd)
Donald Hayes, WR (4th, 106th)
Jerry Jensen, LB (5th, 136th)
Damien Richardson, DB (6th, 165th)
Viliami Maumau, DT (7th, 196th)
Jim Turner, WR (7th, 228th)

Rae Carruth, WR (1st, 27th)
Mike Minter, DB (2nd, 56th)
Kinnon Tatum, LB (3rd, 87th)
Tarek Saleh, LB (4th, 122nd)
Mike Finkes, DE (6th, 189th)
Kris Mangum, TE (7th, 228th)