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Here at RealGM our hearts beat thanks to the thousands upon thousands of posters that frequent our forums on a daily basis. With the NFL season still months from kicking off, but the ever-important NFL Draft less than a week away, what better time than now to check in with the people who care about football even more than some of the players on the field?

2007 Record: 10-6
Additions: Donte Stallworth, WR, Corey Williams, DT, Rex Hadnot, C
Subtractions: None of importance
Draft Picks: None in first round

The Answers
1. What was the best thing(s) that happened in 2007?

Smooth32: Having a general manager like Phil Savage.

JDaWg1000: Watching the offensive line become stable.

2. What was the worst thing that happened in 2007?

Smooth32: Our defense.

JDaWg1000: The fact that we missed the playoffs.

3. Who had a breakout season?

Smooth32: Derek Anderson.

JDaWg1000: Braylon Edwards.

4. Who was the biggest disappointment?

Smooth32: Leigh Bodden, who has since been traded to Detroit.

JDaWg1000: The defensive line, linebackers, and cornerbacks.

5. How could the team have been more successful?

Smooth32: Improved defense and consistency from our quarterbacks.

JDaWg1000: If we had stopped the run, rushed the passer, and grabbed more interceptions.

6. What do you make of the team?s offseason progress at this point?

Smooth32: Great, because we did exactly what needed to be done.

JDaWg1000: We made additions to the defensive line to stop the run and record sacks. I would have liked to add another starting outside linebacker and another corner though.

7. Where are the team?s biggest needs in the draft?

Smooth32: Cornerback, defensive end (for the 3-4), receiver and outside/inside linebacker.

JDaWg1000: Cornerback, outside linebacker, running back (depth), receiver and inside linebacker.

8. Who do you hope the team drafts with their first pick?

Smooth32: The best player available.

JDaWg1000: Ditto. ?bpa?.

9. Which player will be on the hot seat in 2008?

Smooth32: Derek Anderson.

JDaWg1000: Anderson.

10. What are the realistic expectations for 2008 at this point?

Smooth32: Seven wins or more.

JDaWg1000: Eight-ten wins.

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