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2007 Draft Review: Green Bay Packers
Jeff Risdon. 4th May, 2007 - 6:09 pm

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The picks:
1st round, #16 overall--Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
2nd round, #63--Brandon Jackson, RB, Nebraska
3rd round, #78--James Jones, WR, San Jose State
3rd round, #89--Aaron Rouse, S, Virginia Tech
4th round, #119--Allen Barbre, T, Missouri Southern
5th round, #157--David Clowney, WR, Virginia Tech
6th round, #191--Korey Hall, LB, Boise State
6th round, #192--Desmond Bishop, LB, California
6th round, #193--Mason Crosby, K, Colorado
7th round, #228--DeShawn Wynn, RB, Florida
7th round, #243--Clark Harris, TE, Rutgers

Best pick: Harrell
Worst pick: Jones


This is the second year in a row the Packers have stocked up and rebuilt their depth with a lot of solid yet unspectacular players. The exception, like last year with AJ Hawk, is the top pick, Justin Harrell. Harrell is a disruptive force on the DL and a NFL-ready run stuffer for a defense that needs one. His injury history is scary, but so is his versatility and ability.

Jackson was the shiftiest runner of the 2nd tier RBs, but he can lower the shoulder as well.

Jones is a possession-type WR with outstanding hands but little else, though the Packers do have a need for a reliable underneath wideout.

Rouse is a physical freak who might project better at LB than S, in the mold of Thomas Davis.

Barbre is an outstanding fit in GB, a small school, small-town mammoth who relentlessly drives forward. He has potential to play guard as well.

All of the later picks are depth filler and upgrades on special teams, though Hall could become a nice nickel-package LB. Harris is strictly a receiving TE, and both he and Wynn will be lucky to make the team.

Grade: C-

The Packers didn?t reach for need but still filled needs with their top-two picks. Both will start and I believe both will impress.

They loaded up on role players with limited upside on Day 2, though curiously they failed to select any CBs or coverage-type safeties in a very deep class for both, and they certainly have a need.

Barbre and Rouse could tip this grade way up, but if Harrell can?t stay healthy it?s a huge setback.