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Authored by Randolph Charlotin - 26th January, 2009 - 11:20 am

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The NFL Network says they will have 55 hours of live Super Bowl XLIII coverage this week.

ESPN won't be far behind. And just about every media outlet will have some level of coverage, whether it be television, radio, newspaper, or magazine. It will be practically inescapable.

Last week a Boston writer compiled a list of 43 reasons to watch Super Bowl XLIII. Do note he was talking about the actual game. At least twice as many reasons can be made to avoid the media coverage this week and just wait until Sunday. Here's some of the top stories that will get recycled ad nauseum:

--Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt and assistant head coach/offensive line coach Russ Grimm coaching against their former team.

--If Pittsburgh wins, not only would Mike Tomlin be the second black head coach to win the championship, but he would be celebrated at the White House by the nation's first black President, Barak Obama.

--We will re-visit Hines Ward's trip to Korea after being named Super Bowl XL MVP. Ward, the son of a black father and a Korean mother, was given a hero's welcome that brought him to tears. Tearjerkers are always is good on television.

--Kurt Warner's story gets updated. He goes from stocking shelves, through two Super Bowl appearances, and now this new chapter of leading the Cardinals franchise to their first Super Bowl.

--Taking a closer look at Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's series of concussions and whether it may affect his memory.

--The Manning brothers. Yeah, neither is playing, but the league will find a way to include the Pro Bowl siblings. Heck, Peyton will be in every other commercial on Sunday.

--Arizona running back Edgerrin James finally gets his chance at a ring after his former team, the Indianapolis Colts, won the championship two years after he left the team.

--Constant minute-by-minute updates and analysis of the situation between Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin and offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

--The life of Arizona's Larry Fitgerald: From son of a sports writer to Minnesota Vikings ball boy to one of the best receivers in the league.

--A special "Without a Trace" that searches for Pittsburgh?s pass protection.

--Media Day!

--The enthralling State of the League Address featuring Mr. Personality, Roger Goodell. He will still be answering Spygate questions.

--A closer look at Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's series of concussions and whether it may affect his memory.

--There will be a variety of history lessons: The history of the nomadic Cardinals from early NFL champion through years of being a league worst franchise to rising from the ashes; The continuing history of the Steelers linebackers ? from Jack Ham to the present day; Comparing the 1970's Steel Curtain Defense to today's top ranked unit; Warm weather teams in the ultimate game; How poorly dome teams have done in the Super Bowl.

-An expose on Steelers mascot Steeley McBeam ?- he's actually from Malibu, California. He doesn't get his hands dirty, he gets them manicured!

--Discussions on Pittsburgh's place in history if they win a league-leading sixth championship. Would that make the Steelers the greatest franchise in league history?

--Making reaching comparisons to previous Super Bowl participants. Are the Cardinals this year's New York Giants, ready for a big upset?

--A look at the two game-changing safteys -? Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu and Arizona's Adrian Wilson.

--Taking a closer look at Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's series of concussions and whether it may affect his memory. Wait a minute, has this story been done before?

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