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Panic At The Disco: Fantasy Rankings For Week 2
Authored by Jean-Luc Nicolas - 14th September, 2006 - 5:25 pm

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It is true, 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' and I know a lot of you are panicking about the Week 1 you had, so let's see the top-10's for Week 2 because 'The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage.' You don't have to have these players to win this week, 'But it's Better if you do."

Running Backs

1. LaDainian Tomlinson (Ten @ SD)

On a Sunday when Alexander and Johnson struggled, Tomlinson had a Monday that made you regret not taking him.

2. Shaun Alexander (Ari @ Sea)

You can push the panic button if he doesn?t get 100 yards and a touchdown against a defense that made Frank Gore look like Shaun Alexander.

3. Steven Jackson (STL @ SF)

Expect his solid first week to be better this time around, with an actual score.

4. Rudi Johnson (Cle @ Cin)

Bush and McAllister both put up nice numbers against Romeo?s defense and Rudi won?t have to share.

5. Ronnie Brown (Buf @ Mia)

In a low scoring week, Ronnie Brown actually gave you two touchdowns. He should triple his yardage against the Bills.

6. Larry Johnson (KC @ Den)

Only his pure talent puts him in the top ten, as a game without your quarterback in Denver is a recipe for fantasy disappointment.

7. Tiki Barber (NYG @ Phi)

He?ll need to prove he can find the end zone before he is any higher, as it is doubtful the Eagles will let him be so productive catching balls out of the backfield this week.

8. Chester Taylor (Car @ Min)

Steve Hutchinson is already worth every penny, plus the Carolina defense looked dreadful against Atlanta .

9. Jamal Lewis (Bal @ Oak)

Lewis will prove that the Raiders are as ugly as Randy Moss thinks they are.

10. Reggie Bush (NO @ GB)

This is where I had Bush last week and this is where he?ll stay. He surpassed most people?s expectations but met ours. He is unlikely to see more carries than in Week 1, as McAllister looks healthy and their styles complement each other terrifically.


1. Peyton Manning (Hou @ Indy)

It is almost unfair that Manning gets to pad his fantasy stats twice a year against these guys.

2. Carson Palmer (Cle @ Cin)

Expect Marvin Lewis to make a concerted effort to air it out this week at home.

3. Matt Hasselbeck (Ari @ Sea)

A bounce back week all around for the Seahawks in what will undoubtedly be a shoot-out.

4. Marc Bulger (STL @ SF)
Bulger will make sure Wilkins isn't used as heavily against the Niners.

5. Donovan McNabb (NYG @ Phi)

McNabb faces a much tougher test against a pass rush of Strahan and Umenyiora.

6. Kurt Warner (Ari @ Sea)

A fantasy MVP in Week 1 will face a stingier defense in Seattle, but should still reach 250 yards and two touchdowns.

7. Steve McNair (Bal @ Oak)

He knifed through the Bucs in Week 1, so he will machete their West Coast pirate equivalent this week.

8. Daunte Culpepper (Buf @ Mia)

Let's hope he doesn't fall on his own sword again with those INT's. He won't with the extra long week.

9. Tom Brady (NE @ NYJ)

Life without Deion Branch begins officially this week.

10. Eli Manning (NYG @ Phi)

Not playing against his brother, but still won't be the best quarterback on the field, even though he has better weapons.

Wide Receivers

1. Marvin Harrison (Hou @ Indy)

There is no wide receiver you can count on more to give you a nice solid number, especially against Houston and especially at home.

2. Torry Holt (STL @ SF)

You can only count on Harrison more to give you a nice solid number, especially against San Francisco, even on the road.

3. Chad Johnson (Cle @ Cin)

He will have no problems busting out the 'hawk against the Browns defense.

4. Larry Fitzgerald (Ari @ Sea)

Leinart can't wait to get out there with Fitzgerald. Marcus Trufant will be a tougher foe than anyone he faced in opening week.

5. Terrell Owens (Was @ Dal)

A clean bill of health is great, but Bledsoe holds him back. He loves primetime and he gets it in his home debut against their biggest rival.

6. Chris Chambers (Buf @ Mia)

Chambers will let Daunte do the arm roll this week.

7. Plaxico Burress (NYG @ Phi)

Some of those circus catches against the Colts were unbelivable.

8. Santana Moss (Was @ Dal)

The new weapons of Lloyd and Randle El will only make him more productive as they will help prevent double teams.

9. Reggie Wayne (Hou @ Indy)

Harrison will be happy to share the wealth on Sunday.

10. Donte Stallworth (NYG @ Phi)

Let's see if Stallworth can get as wide open against the Houston secondary as he did in Houston. We had to at least rank the leading wide receiver in fantasy football, even if we still are suspicious.


1. Adam Vinatieri (Hou @ Indy)

His injury concerns appeared to be no concern at all against the Giants. Anyone wearing a horseshoe on their helmet will have a good week against the Texans.

2. Shayne Graham (Cle @ Cin)

An underrated kicker who will have heaps of opportunities.

3. Nate Kaeding (Ten @ SD)

The Titans are one of the only teams that will be as easy to look against as the Raiders were. Expect a higher scoring game as well.

4. David Akers (NYG @ Phi)

Akers came into the 2005 season as a top-three kicker before he was injured and it looks as though that left leg is in tip-top shape.

5. Josh Brown (Ari @ Sea)

Both he and Rackers will be ranked higher when they meet again in Arizona, as the winds at QWest Field are problematic.

6. Jeff Wilkins (STL @ SF)

He won't be able to match his record-breaking week against Denver, but against San Francisco he will do very well.

7. Neil Rackers (Ari @ Sea)

The Seattle defense may actually be just good enough to keep Edge, Fitzgerald and Boldin out of the end zone.

8. Joe Nedney (STL @ SF)

He was the best player on the Niners last season and now the offense has life.

9. Jason Elam (KC @ Den)

This will likely be a low scoring affair, but the thin air always helps.

10. Lawrence Tynes (KC @ Den)

As long as Huard can avoid those fumbles, the Chiefs will have opportunities.

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